-2017 Mildura Show Payments-

Exhibition Entry Forms

For all Classes EXCEPT:- 
Equestrian Events - Please use Nominate
Art Show - V001 - V006 Please use Art Show form.

NOTE:- Each Exhibitor must enter on a separate form.
Except School entries.

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Please read the information sections below.    


ADM001    SINGLE ADULT...........................$20.00
ADM002    PENSIONER/STUDENT...............$15.00
ADM003    CHILD 6-12YRS...........................$5.00
ADM004    FAMILY PASS..............................$35.00
ADM005    EARLY BIRD 3 day- SINGLE ADULT.....$25.00
ADM006    EARLY BIRD 3 day FAMILY PASS..........$45.00

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Payments Info - Please read all sections

Payment of Entry Forms signifies that you have read and understood the relevant Acknowledgements & Waivers.

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LEGAL AGREEMENTS :- Please read all relevant agreements.

                                   Participant Risk Acknowledgement Waiver

                                   Additional Waivers:-
CATTLE    -                Cattle Handling Participant Risk & Acknowledgement Waiver

ANIMAL   -                Animal Handling Bulk Participant Risk & Acknowledgement Waiver

ANIMAL   -                Animal Handling Individual Participant Risk & Acknowledgement Waiver

MOTOR SPORTS  -    Motor Sports Handling Participant Risk & Acknowledgement Waiver



Disclosure Statement

Payment of Entry Forms signifies acceptance of the following Statement.
imageBy completing the Payments form, you will be supplying the Mildura Show Society (MSS) with personal information (things like your name, address, telephone number, email address, etc).
Without this information we will not be able to administer your entry in this years Mildura Show.

We collect this information for the purposes of administering the Show.

This includes:-
  • Processing your entry
  • Managing your entry in the relevant event
  • Awarding prizes in the relevant event
  • Assessing your compliance with the general regulations and conditions of entry as well as other standars expected of participants in the Show
  • Assessing any protests or appeals you might make

  • We also collect this information for purposes related to the administration of the Show including:-
  • Publication of winner's details
  • Maintainence of information relevant to qualifications for other events
  • Maintainence of records of incidents or accidents that occur at the Show
  • Making a claim on out insurance in relation to any incident or accidents in connection with the Show
  • The Victorian Agricultural Shows Limited Inc (VASL) should be involved in group and/or State competitions


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