-2017 Mildura Show Tender Applications-

Tender Applications: - Community

 Groups ONLY

Applications Close :- Friday 8th September 2017.
Notification Sent :- Friday 15th September 2017.
Balance Due :-         Friday 29th September 2017.
(Please NOTE:- Balance must be received by due date
                          or space will not be available).
Deposits are NON refundable

Application/Payment Page    (PayPal or Credit Card).

Hours Of Operation

Thursday 19th October - 9am - 10pm.
Friday      20th October - 9am - 10pm.
Saturday  21st October - 9am - 11pm.

Setup prior to Show Opening (9.00am) Thursday
19th October 2017.

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Tender Conditions & Reference Form For Online Form submission

Application/Payment Page    (PayPal or Credit Card).

BALANCE Payment Page  (PayPal or Credit Card).

Payment Online signifies you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions

This form does not have a "Save and Continue" feature so please ensure you have the required information
before proceeding.
E.G :- A.B.N, Current Insurance Policy, Streatraders certificate if applicable.

Larger power usage and Gas use, please advise the Secretary.

  Please Note:- Tender Categories have been amended
Showmen's Guild Members will be permitted to sell Fruit Juice Cordial drinks, Fairy Floss, Dagwood Dogs,
Waffles, Toffee Apples, Snow Cones and Donuts in the Sideshow area and from one other outlet in the
vicinity of the Secretaries Office.

If you prefer to  pay in person or via mail/email click here for a full downloadable PDF form.


Mildura Show Society

P.O Box 4025
Mildura, Vic, 3502
PHONE: (03) 5023-4453
FAX: (03) 5021-1724
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  • Rides and Attractions:
  • Petting Zoo:
  • Trade Sites, e.g Show Bags:
  • Exhibition Entries, e.g Cooking, Crafts:
  • Country Show Girl, Show Teenager, Ambassador